Mikei Auto-Refill Program

Never run out of Mikei with our new auto-refill subscription program.


  • Receive a discount up to 5% off all subscription deliveries*
  • Free shipping every time
  • Cancel or pause at your convenience
  • Customizable and reliable delivery


  1. Select the product and sign up for a subscription of your choice
  2. Select the frequency you’d like to receive your products.
  3. Receive up to 5% off subscription deliveries and free shipping.
  4. A one-time sign-up fee of $3 will be applied on your first subscription order.


How do I make changes to my subscription?

Once you’ve begun a subscription, you can update preferences, such as delivery frequency, product quantity, and more. A notification 3 days prior to your upcoming subscription delivery will be sent to you. This email will provide a time frame in which you can make updates to your order.

How can I change my payment method?

You can update your payment method under your customer profile.

How can I cancel my subscription order?

You can update or cancel any upcoming subscription shipments via your customer profile. Select Manage Subscription to cancel or edit delivery frequency.

What is the subscription fee?

It is a one-time fee to sign up for our subscription program. It is non-refundable once the first shipment has been delivered.

When will my subscriptions be delivered?

You will receive an email reminding you of your upcoming shipment 3 days prior to your delivery. This email will provide you with a deadline to make any necessary changes to your upcoming subscription.

What happens if I move?

Make sure to update your address in the customer profile before your next shipment.

Is there a cutoff date to make updates to my subscriptions?

Yes, you will receive an email reminder of your upcoming deliveries, which will provide the deadline to make changes to or cancel your subscription.

Which payment options are available for subscriptions?

We accept Visa or MasterCard.

Can I redeem a promotional code or on my subscription order?

Promotional codes cannot be applied to subscription orders.

Can I return items from my subscription order?

Yes, standard return policies apply to your subscription order. Visit our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Can I add items that are not part of my subscriptions to my upcoming shipment?

Yes! Take advantage of the free shipping and add one-off items to your upcoming order.