About Jodi Lee, RHN, M.Sc

Jodi Lee is a Registered Nutritional Therapist with an MSc in Human Ecology. Jodi specializes in digestive health, auto-immune conditions, gluten-related disorders, and the well-being of women during the childbearing years. She is passionate about whole health nutrition for every person but especially for those experiencing digestive concerns, behavioural issues, allergies, and illness. www.jodileenutrition.com

Spring Cleansing and the Role of Japanese Red Reishi

Spring is a natural time for cleaning. The birds clean out their nests, the animals emerge from their winter dens, even humans are often seized with the desire to throw open the windows and toss the clutter from their lives. It is a period of renewal and growth. The trees come alive, the grass turns green, and we are refreshed after a cold dark season.

Our bodies naturally choose spring as a time for cleaning as well. Of all our organs, the liver is the only one with the ability to re-grow and regenerate itself. It also feels the pull of spring as a time for renewal. Often, at this time of year, the liver naturally begins a cleansing process – purging toxins and residues which we experience as a flu or cold, migraines, or aches and pains.

As the season changes and we emerge from the depths of winter, we can experience poor digestion, sluggishness, constipation, headaches, and fatigue. Our emotions are not exempt – anger, impatience, crying, and depression are also telltale signals of a stagnant liver.

Regular consumption of red reishi can support our body’s immune system and improve circulation, thus enhancing our natural ability to be in robust health and fight off viruses. When it is taken regularly, it can restore the body to its natural balanced state, enabling all organs to function normally. It is a gentle way to support the natural rhythms of our body

Many of us suffer with hayfever and react to the new pollens, which our immune system must manage. The ganoderic acids (the active component in red reishi fruiting body) are quite helpful for alleviating common allergies by inhibiting histamine release and improving oxygen use which in turn improves liver function.

In general, red reishi is a lovely adaptogen, immune modulator, and a general health tonic.