03.11.2022 •

Making Your Own Luck with Reishi

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! While its origin is a religious holiday in Ireland—a day when Christians would take a break from Lent prohibitions to dance, drink, and feast—it’s now celebrated by people of all backgrounds, around the world.

You can’t go wrong with a little extra luck on St. Patrick’s Day! But what if the luck isn’t really luck at all? What if you can make your own health luck, or at least improve your odds?

In Ireland, the shamrock, or three-leaf clover, is considered a sacred plant. It represents the Holy Trinity and is believed to possess mystical healing powers. Just as the shamrock is considered a sacred plant in Ireland, reishi is named the “holy herb” in Asia. Chinese herbalists thought that reishi had so many healing properties that they considered it sacred. It was considered so important that it’s carved into royal furniture as a sign of good luck and health!

Reishi has been used to treat everything from minor health conditions like coughs and colds to more serious problems like high blood pressure and even cancer. Today, this medicinal mushroom is still widely used for a variety of ailments.

Reishi mushrooms has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years as a natural remedy to boost health and support longevity.

Some of the key benefits of reishi are:

  • Helping you feel calmer and sleep better
  • Improving your focus and mental clarity
  • Reducing your blood sugar levels
  • Decreasing inflammation in your body
  • Strengthening and modulating your immune system
  • Supporting your heart, liver, and kidneys

Live a Long and Happy Life!

Reishi can help you live a long and happy life. And let’s be real, living a long and happy life sounds pretty lucky! As an adaptogen, it helps your body adapt to stressors of all kinds—physical, mental, and emotional. Reishi calms the nervous system and helps to promote a deep restful sleep. This can help you feel more balanced and less anxious, which in turn can make you feel happier and healthier.

Reishi contains polysaccharides that have been shown to have immune supporting effects. Reishi also contains triterpenes that are thought to help in modulating inflammation. And for those who do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a bit too much green beer or too many Irish mules or cocktails, reishi can support the health of your liver, supporting your recovery. You can certainly make sure to take a reishi capsule before and after partying, but taking it regularly is a better bet.

For many, St. Patrick’s Day is about celebrating luck and good fortune. But when it comes to health, you can’t always leave things to chance. Taking reishi regularly is a great way to take the reins and get “lucky” when it comes to your health.

So, this St. Patrick’s Day, whether you do or don’t skip out on the green beer, try out some reishi supplements and you might just be the luckiest person at the party!


Dr. Melissa Carr is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a B.Sc. in Kinesiology. In practice since 2001, Dr. Carr has a passion for sharing health information. She has been a nutrition instructor and a health consultant, lecturer, and writer for 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper, Fraser Health Authority, UBC, and the David Suzuki Foundation, amongst others.