11.10.2015 •

Balance: An Exercise in Hitting the Reset Button

Let’s have some straight talk about balance. Have you noticed how self-help advice always says, “keep your life in balance”? Living life in balance might be a sweet notion for greater health and happiness, but it’s not really how people live.

Consistent balance is just an illusion. There are days we overdo it, and days we recover or shrink back from a hectic pace. No one has the power to maintain perfect balance every day. You can’t avoid delays in traffic, or frustration on a work project, or getting to bed way too late some times… but you can fortify your capacity to restore balance. The best reset button for doing just that is a daily intake of Japanese Red Reishi – a powerful, natural, mushroom supplement. Here is why I consider it a master of restoring balance.

Mental Balance
Red Reishi is an anti-inflammatory, helping put out the small chronic “fires” throughout the body that could lead to memory loss, cognitive decline, even the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Taking an adaptogen like Japanese Red Reishi on a daily basis restores calmness and clarifies youthful vitality.

Hormonal Balance
Japanese Red Reishi is excellent for providing balance within the endocrine system. Overstressed neuro-endocrine connections lead to distress and chronic ailments. Red Reishi’s support for the adrenal glands is superior to other nutritional compounds.

Circadian Balance
The grand orchestra leader in your body (your circadian rhythms) require completely dark nights for sleep and well lighted days for exertion for proper sleep, blood pressure control, and optimal function. Red Reishi assists circadian rhythms by its adaptogenic action, making the task of maintaining balance much easier.

Energy Intake / Output Balance
Nutritional deficiencies or excesses can really throw off balance. You need adequate daily hydration, a balanced intake of macro and micro nutrients, and at least 60 minutes of physical exertion per day to maintain a healthy weight and metabolism. Red Reishi helps with weight control by balancing glucose metabolism through adrenal support, and by giving you a smooth energy boost throughout the day.

Planetary Balance
As you strive for balance in your personal life, you become more aware of balance with the entire ecosystem. Sustainability may start with your own personal space and body, but it does extend to an environmental audit of how you’re living on the planet. The Mikei Japanese Red Reishi is sustainably grown and harvested, instead of wild crafted which could endanger natural balance. Since the product is made responsibly, even your integrity remains in balance.


Dr. Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, is a medical anthropologist known as the Global Medicine Hunter®. She is an integrative health specialist, international health journalist, and a professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies.